What to Expect From Periodontal Treatment

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Are you concerned you may have periodontitis and wonder what treatment would consist of? There are several different types of treatment explained below depending on your unique situation.

Nonsurgical Treatment
The first thing you can expect when being treated for periodontitis is a non-surgical treatment called scaling and root planing. During this treatment, plaque and tartar are scraped off your teeth and root surfaces and then the surfaces are smoothed to help prevent bacteria from forming again. Scaling and root planing is generally done in more than one visit for different areas of the mouth and a local anesthetic can be used to ensure you are comfortable. After each procedure, the gums will heal and reattach to the newly clean surface.

Pocket Reduction Procedure
If the pockets in your gums are deep and scaling and root planing aren’t enough to get the gums to fit snuggly against your teeth, preventing plaque bacteria from filling the pocket again, the dentist may recommend a pocket reduction procedure or flap surgery. This procedure involves going deeper to remove infection and bacteria from damaged bone, so the gums can reattach properly.

Gum Grafts
If your gums are receding leaving your roots exposed and unprotected, they can be covered with grafts. Tissue is taken from your palate or another area to create gum tissue to cover the exposed roots.

Regenerative Procedures
In some cases of periodontal disease, one or more sections of bone have been destroyed. If this has happened, a bone graft surgery can be performed. This procedure is done by eliminating bacteria from the area and then placing a natural or synthetic bone along with proteins that stimulate the tissue to help your body regrow bone and tissue.

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