We understand that being treated with laser periodontics may be unfamiliar, which, in turn, may make you nervous for your treatment. At Montes Periodontics & Implant Dentistry, we want you to be comfortable with your treatment. To do this, we invite you to review some of the most frequently asked questions about laser periodontics in Cumming, Georgia, prior to your appointment with Dr. Shelly Montes.

Just what can laser periodontics do?

Laser technology allows our team to more accurately target infected gums without damaging your healthy gums. Laser periodontics also does not require any surgical cuts or incisions, making it easier for your gums to cauterize at the same time the infected tissue is removed. This is a virtually pain-free treatment, and it allows you to have a quicker recovery. There are no stitches, which also leads to minimal swelling and discomfort.

Will the laser damage the surrounding gums, bone structure, or teeth?

No. A dental laser is able to pinpoint the exact areas of damaged tissue even more accurately than a dental scalpel. Dental lasers also make for a quicker procedure, reducing the risk of affecting any surrounding tissue, bone, or teeth. In addition, our dentist can make any necessary adjustments to your gum or bone structure, increasing its function and appearance. Dental lasers also stimulate healthy tissue to grow and reattach to your teeth, helping your smile return to optimum health.

Why do I need periodontal work in the first place?

If periodontal disease is left untreated, it can lead to tooth loss, bone deterioration, and other major health problems. Disease-causing bacteria and plaque can also spread throughout your mouth and, causing your gums to further separate from your teeth and create deeper pockets. Deeper pockets make it more difficult to treat and accurately remove all bacteria and damaged tissue. When this happens, and when your bone becomes infected, you will require more complex and more expensive treatments.

Is the laser dangerous?

As with any other dental or medical procedure, there are risks, but they are minimal. A dental laser’s beam is very small and can accurately pinpoint areas that need treating. The laser beam will make shallow, short incisions, causing minimal damage and pain. Our doctor embraces laser technology because it allows us to perform delicate procedures with more accuracy and effectiveness.

Will further treatment be required?

Additional treatment depends on the severity of your condition and the extent of the damage. If you require tooth extractions or cosmetic work to repair damaged teeth, laser periodontics can prepare your gums and smile for further treatment by ensuring that they are healthy. Our dentist will discuss your condition and treatment options with you prior to beginning any treatment.

If you have additional questions, and to schedule your appointment with our doctor, please feel free to contact us at 770-781-3685. We are always happy to help!