Oral Cancer Screenings in the Springtime

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Do you know how to spot symptoms of oral cancer? If you routinely notice symptoms of pain, sensitivity, or even a loss of feeling in your head, neck, or face, it could be linked to an underlying condition such as oral cancer. Due to the severity of oral cancer and the consequences, if it is not treated in time, it is important to always look for any symptoms that may arise.

Oftentimes, oral and throat cancer produce symptoms of varying changes in your body that have no reasonable explanation. If you notice that your teeth have begun to change in the way they fit together, or you have dramatic weight loss that remains unexplained, it could be a sign of cancer. Oral cancer often shows itself with changes in your mouth in its ability to function properly. If you have difficulties chewing or swallowing, moving your jaw or tongue, speaking correctly or opening and closing your mouth, it could be a sign of oral cancer.

Several visual clues often arise to alert you to the presence of oral cancer. Inside your mouth, you may begin to notice sores that bleed easily and do not heal. Furthermore, the rise of speckled patches or eroded areas may also be present. Other common symptoms include lumps, bumps, rough areas, or swollen areas on your lips, gums or inside your mouth.

Spring is a good time to come in for an oral cancer screening from the office of Montes Periodontics & Implant Dentistry. To book an appointment with Dr. Shelly Montes and our team at our dental office in Cumming, Georgia, call us at 770-781-3685, and a member of our team will gladly assist you.