Improve Your Smile with Gum Disease Risk Factors

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Caring for your smile exists on many levels. Although we often think of brushing and flossing as essential for optimal health, they’re also numerous other tips you need to follow to ensure your teeth can remain safe. In addition, it is a good idea to avoid risk factors for numerous oral ailments, including risk factors for gum disease, which arises when your gum tissues become infected.

Are you at an increased risk for gum disease? Because gum disease can be debilitating for your entire smile, it is always important to establish an effective prevention plan to ensure gum disease cannot arise. This includes monitoring any unhealthy habits that are in your life including drug use, or smoking or chewing tobacco. All of these products are known to not only damage your teeth but can affect your gums as well.

There are several risk factors for gum disease that are not easily preventable. Significant swings and hormone changes can easily lead to an increase in gingivitis, which is an early stage of gum disease. In addition, to the presence of diabetes, or genetic predispositions can make you more susceptible to the disease.

To help prevent gum disease, exercise caution with any medications that you may be taking which produces dry mouth a side effect. In addition, a poor diet, a lack dental bridges, poor oral hygiene, and the presence of pregnancy can all increase your risk for gum disease.

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