Dangerous Foods to Avoid and Why It’s Vital

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If you wish to keep your smile shining for the rest of your life, it is crucial to avoid bad foods and harmful materials that seek to harm your teeth and gums. Some substances can cause dental erosion, while others can chip and crack your smile, which can lead to an increased risk for infections and tooth decay, as well as a dip in the aesthetic beauty of your smile, and the potential need for multiple tooth restorations. Keeping your teeth clean depends on avoiding dangerous foods. Listed below are some tips on dangerous food avoidance:

– Foods and drinks with lots of sugar and carbs can be transformed in your mouths into harmful acids capable of eating through tooth enamel. Even foods with natural sugars such as honey can be hazardous to your oral health.

– Sour candy has a very high acidic content, with some products having an acidity that is nearly the same as car battery acid. Guard your tooth enamel by avoiding sour sweets completely.

– Sticky and gummy sweets can easily remain in your mouth long after consumption, greatly increasing your risk for plaque buildup and tooth decay to occur.

– Numerous foods that have high acidity should never be eaten as snacks, and always included with meals. This includes tomatoes and citrus fruits.

– Some foods and snacks such as popcorn balls and popcorn kernels can chip and crack teeth or easily get lodged between teeth. Be careful when consuming these foods.

– Chewy candy residue can stick to teeth and is hard to brush away, leading to an increased risk for tooth decay.

– Avoid hard candy, as it can easily chip and crack teeth.

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